Training Tuesday-Putting Drill

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Training Tuesday-Putting Drill


Training Tuesday-Putting Drill

Posted By michael

The secret to putting well is called CONFIDENCE.

Confidence is built on a succession of success stories and experiences, these begin to form your very own private image and video memory bank. When it comes to golf you need to carefully select what you put into the memory bank. If you miss a short putt you need to be selective and delete it so as you are only storing positive mental images.

Below is a putting drill that is associated with Phil Mickelson: 10 Ball Drill

Find a flat spot on the practice green around one cup.
Arrange 10 golf balls in a circle around the hole, each one three feet from the cup. (Hint: Most conventional putters are just shy of 36 inches in shaft length, so your putter is probably a good guide for measuring that three feet.)
 Now start sinking those putts, working your way around the circle.
After you’ve made all 10, put down 10 more, you will go around the circle 3 times.
Keep your score and try to beat your personal best everytime you do this drill.
 “A man who can’t putt is a match for no one, a man who can is a match for anyone.” Harvey Penick

Written by michael

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